Restoration – by definition means ‘the act of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.  Our restoration services work together with other providers during the restoration and repair process to return your assets where possible to their pre-claim state.Water Damage Restoration
Our specialised equipment includes water extraction and carpet cleaning machines (truckmounts and portables), air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, moisture meters, trash ( water ) pumps, foam blocks and plastic pads for wooden furniture, antimicrobial treatment solutions and other technical items that assist in the recovery of water and improve the drying time of your assets.Fire & Smoke Restoration
Our specialised equipment includes Hot and ULV Foggers, Hydroxyl Generators, Ozone Generators, Odour Neutralisers, Soot Sponges, Extension Poles and Clamps, High Pressure Cleaners, and specialised environmentally friendly chemicals that assist in removing the residue from your internal and external walls and ceilings.Mould Remediation
Our specialised equipment includes air scrubbers, zipwall kits to create negative air pressure containment systems, specialised environmentally friendly chemicals such as antimicrobials, and the required PPE to create an environment to eliminate or greatly reduce the possibility of the movement or transfer or mould spores.Structural & Contents Drying
We aim to return your building and contents back to a ‘dry standard’ in the most effective and efficient manner.  Using our thermohygrometer to measure the moisture content of your assets and with the necessary specialised drying equipment ( and some help from mother nature ) for your affected area we can expedite the drying process.